Our Story

Beauty is not just a woman’s routine anymore.This trend has started to change during the last few decades and that’s due to the keenness of looking better in personal and professional circumstances. Appearance of a man matters a lot in a healthy personal and professional relationships and continuing on the same vein it has been found appearance plays a vital role in one’s personality and mental well being. Moreover, a global tendency can be observed when men even go under the knife to uplift their appearance bearing heavy costs.

Coming to the next point, do women’s skin and hair products work on men?

The answer is yes but they are not effective as on women due to the considerable differences in molecular structure and due to many external factors such as working conditions and so on. Therefore though men and women have many of the same hair and skin care needs, they need to be treated more specifically.

Our story began with the founder’s belief of fashioning a revolution in the Sri Lankan Cosmetic and beauty care market. Ares Brand under Euro Cosmetics (Pvt) Ltd was born as a result of years of experience gained through beauty care retailing by its mother enterprise: Saweena. Since 1991 for more than 25 years Saweena group has vast experience in this sector.

Today men’s skin care products and hair care products  can be found under one brand. That brand is Ares.Most importantly Ares is a  range of skin care and haircare products with eco-friendly ingredients.

Ares offers a revolutionary range of high performance skincare products and haircare products. Combining international standards, and carefully attending to your needs. We at Ares, strive to bring out your inner warrior

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